SM-3DB Pro, Pro Plus and Elit - Digital Day/Night Vision Binocular

The SM-3DB Pro, Pro Plus and Elit are the latest in the SM3-DB range of rugged, aluminium alloy night vision binoculars, designed specifically for long-range detection, navigation assistance, covert surveillance and security at sea or on land.
Incorporating state-of-the-art image processing algorithms and up to 80 times automatic gain capability, clear images are achieved in rain, snow and fog,
previously considered “impenetrable.”
Using high sensitivity CCD sensors and light amplification techniques,the SM3-DB has significant advantages over thermal handheld products which cannot be used in a wheelhouse as they cannot not “see” through glass. With 8x magnification, and 960 × 240 resolution, the SM3-DB offers better range and resolution than many handheld night vision devices and unlike light intensification devices the SM-3DB can be used
day or night without damage to the tube or camera.

The Models

The SM-3DB Series comprises 3 models

  • The SM-3DB Pro with 8x magnification
    • High Powered IR Illuminator
    • Video output to remote DVR
  • The SM-3DB Pro Plus with 8x magnification
    • High Powered IR Illuminator
    • Integral Video Recorder with up to 7 hours recording
  • The SM-3DB Elit with 8x magnification
    • High Powered IR Illuminator** Super sensitive CCD camera with 80x light amplification capability
    • Integral Video Recorder with up to 7 hours recording


  • Bright sunlight will not cause damage
  • No damage from bright lights at night
  • No blooming or night-light effects
  • Tireless viewing with both eyes
  • IR Illuminator for use in total darkness
  • Large, 2.5" Hi res TFT-LCD Monitor
  • Record using Standard Composite Video
  • Battery charging via mains or car adaptors


The SM-3DB range is perfect for long-range detection, navigation assistance & surveillance at sea or on land. It comes complete with an IR illuminator for use in total darkness & has a standard composite video output for on screen viewing or recording to DVR. Unlike many night vision devices which can only be used at night, the SM-3DB range of digital binocular can be used day or night without damage to the camera.


The binocular uses a silicon high sensitive state of the art CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera with an electronic accumulation & signal multiplication system & built-in high resolution TFT-LCD monitor.

Using a four-stage automatic control & an anti-blooming system, the SM-3DB Pro range operates successfully in a wide range of lighting conditions from 0.0005 lux (starlight) to 30,000 lux (sunny day,) without having to adjust contrast or brightness.

The SM-3DB Elit has similar performance to night vision devices of the 2+ generation, however it is more reliable & more cost-effective when compared to 2+ or Gen 3 night vision devices.

R-530-3 (800) Illuminator

Supplied as standard, & designed for use at night at ranges up to 400m, the IR-530-3 (800) is a powerful illuminator which comprises an IR emitting LED with 800nm wavelength. Invisible to the naked eye, the illuminator has output power adjustment & radiation divergence control & is used to “light up” the surrounding area of the target. The module is removable from the Binocular & is powered by a separate 3v battery. (See options for longer range devices available)

For Technical Information, click below to download the Eurotask Digital Day/Night Vision Binocular Data Sheet.

  • SM-3DB Pro Brochure
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