5 / 10 / 2009

Apollo II HD - New HighDefinition Dual Thermal & Low Light Camera System

eurotask Ltd., European Distributor for OceanView Technologies Inc., a leader in day/night multiple vision camera systems, has announced the introduction of the Apollo II HD, a High Definition 640 × 480 Thermal Imager with 4x digital zoom and ultra Low Light camera combination.

Mounted in the same 360° pan and tilt housing as the very popular Apollo II, the Apollo II HD has 4x the resolution and roughly twice the range. The thermal image in HD is provides the user superb visibility not only in total darkness but also in a wide variety of poor lighting conditions including low-light, heavy rain, bright sun and some fog. The low-light sensor renders a crisp detailed picture even in the poorest light conditions.

Providing yachts with improved navigational awareness, security and surveillance capability can make boating safer and more enjoyable. Early identification of floating debris, semi-submerged objects, unlit channel markers and other vessels or unknown “targets”, day or night, is a real benefit.

The new LCD controller gives the user fingertip control and easy access to a simple menu where there is an on-screen camera position indicator and a return home button. For remote access via the internet, an IP control option is available along with additional controllers for dual station installations. Simple Ethernet connectivity makes for easy installation and integration into other on board systems.

The Apollo II HD is an addition to the existing OceanView products which include the Apollo II, Triton, Atlas, Poseidon and Zeus, a range which covers vessels from 20 meters to 100 meters.

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