16 / 3 / 2010

OceanView Technologies to Offer Its Popular HD Thermal Imaging System as an Option on All Its Night Vision Cameras

Denmead, UK – March 16, 2010
Responding to the overwhelming popularity of OceanView’s Apollo II high definition night vision thermal imaging system, eurotask, their European Distributor has announced it now will offer optional HD thermal imaging on the complete line of OceanView night vision cameras, including its innovative Poseidon, Zeus, Atlas and Triton models.

“Last year, we introduced our ground-breaking Apollo II HD thermal imaging system to rave reviews,” said Mark Luffingham, CEO of eurotask Ltd.
“It has proved to be so amazingly popular with the boating public that OceanView are now making it available as an option across their entire night vision camera line.”

OceanView’s night vision models use infrared sensors to bring all kinds of water hazards into clear view for users when boating at night or in other low-light conditions. By presenting these thermal images in fine 640 × 480 high definition boaters can see more detail, allowing them to safely navigate with greater confidence at night and even in poor weather conditions.
“Our thermal HD camera system delivers more than four times the resolution of other thermal camera systems, providing much sharper detail and greater visual range,” Bader said. “With the addition of thermal HD imaging to our entire line, boaters can enjoy this amazing technology at a price that fits any budget.”

OceanView’s night vision camera systems are a must for any serious recreational boater or commercial mariner. In addition to safe navigation, they offer an added measure of security. They are available in a variety of configurations to suit any need, including dual and three-camera systems, high zoom cameras and precise fibre-optic stabilization.
It’s also the only night vision camera manufacturer offering a quick-release base assembly, which allows for easy maintenance and storage. It’s also ideal for quick, easy interchangeability between vessels and simplifies installation.

“Our OceanView thermal imaging systems allow you see what’s around you at all times, even at a distance.” adds Bader. “You can monitor activity on your vessel from the Internet from anywhere in the world, day or night.”
The company offers a full line of thermal imaging options, as well as low-light cameras and high-quality colour cameras. Its systems offer seamless integration with any marine monitor, or TV, and integrate easily with all of today’s available marine electronics. “We offer a solution appropriate to fit every need,” said Bader.

About OceanView Technologies
Headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., OceanView Technologies Inc., manufacturers a full line of six combination night vision cameras utilizing state-of-the-art camera sensors, such as thermal imaging, ultra-low-light and colour. OceanView Technologies allows boaters to cruise comfortably in a variety of no-light/low-light and inclement weather conditions. For more information, visit www.nightboating.com, or call .

About eurotask Ltd.
eurotask Ltd. is the European Distributor for OceanView Technologies Inc and VEI Technologies. Based in the UK, eurotask is a specialist Marine Electronics Distributor focussing on providing quality electronics products and service to the Premium and SuperYacht sector. For further information, please contact Mark Luffingham on or via e-mail

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