OceanView Atlas

The Atlas extends on the extensive capabilities of the Triton by adding a 2x digital zoom to the hi-resolution to the Thermal Imager which also has a lens with a 23° FOV which gives the Imager a longer range detection capability.

Atlas is the top of the range non stabilized camera system using 3 different viewing technologies.

Standard features include:

  • Three independently viewable images
    • Thermal Imager for use in total darkness
      • Hi res 320 × 240 pixel
      • 9 Hz, 23° FOV (Optional 14° & 9° FOV)
    • Low-Lux (0.00015 lux) Camera for use in poor/low light
      • 10x optical zoom
    • Colour Daylight Camera
      • 312x zoom (26x optical & 12x digital)
  • “On screen” camera direction indicator
  • Remote mounted Waterproof Joystick Controller
    • Optional additional controllers (32 max)
  • A quick release “docking station” mount
    • Easy service access
    • Makes sharing cameras between different vessels easy
  • “Switch” between White hot/Black hot polarity
  • 360° continuous pan and tilt range of 71° up and 75° down
  • IP Control (optional)
    • Check on your vessel from the comfort of your home or office.

The combination provides outstanding pictures in a variety of light and environmental conditions.

The benefits of being able to detect, observe and identify different types of activity and objects in total darkness, heavy rain, smoke, daylight, or in mixed/poor lighting conditions are vast.

Applications include use on Superyachts, work boats and commercial vessels for:

  • Navigation/Collision & Object Avoidance
  • Medium – to Long-Range Threat Detection
  • MOB, Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Security/Law Enforcement – on board or on the dockside
  • Shared use between vessels (see information below on the quick release ‘docking station’)

Unique to this industry, a quick release “docking station” makes sharing cameras between different vessels very easy, installation is even easier and in the unlikely event of on board service requiring a swap unit, the camera head can be quickly exchanged.

The weatherproof back lit controller has a joystick which features proportional pan and tilt control and access to all the functions of the camera. The system is capable of supporting up to 32 controllers and is easily integrated into the bridges or control rooms of pleasure and commercial craft.

The pan & tilt camera head is remotely mounted and has a 360° pan view and +/-50° tilt range.

The Atlas provides industry standard NTSC or PAL video output.

For Technical Information, click below to download the Atlas Product Data Sheet.

  • Atlas Specification Sheet
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