OceanView Apollo II

The Apollo II is an economic, rugged and easy to use DUAL High Resolution Thermal and Ultra-Low Light Camera System.

Standard features include:

  • Two independently viewable images
    • Thermal Imager for use in total darkness
    • Low-Lux (0.00015 lux) Camera for use in poor/low light
  • 2x digital zoom on thermal imager
  • LCD controller
  • Instant home function
  • “On screen” camera direction indicator
  • LCD controller
    • Optional additional controllers (2 max)
  • Black hot/white hot PLUS variable colour palette
  • 360° continuous pan and up to 17° tilt
  • IP Control (optional)
    • Check on your vessel from the comfort of your home or office.

It is particularly suited to applications such as:

  • Navigation/collision and object avoidance
  • MOB, SAR (Search & Rescue)
  • Surveillance and identification of potential threats
  • Security & Law Enforcement

The pan & tilt camera head is remotely mounted and offers a 360° 2-speed continuous pan. The hi-resolution Thermal Imager has a lens with a 360° FOV (Field of View) and the Ultra-Low Light Camera has a minimum scene illumination of 0.00015 lux.

The Apollo II provides industry standard NTSC or PAL video output and can support up to two controllers. The pan & tilt housing used by the Apollo II is a marine proven cast aluminium designed to provide outstanding protection for the camera system.

For Technical Information, click below to download the Apollo II Product Data Sheet.

  • Apollo II Specification Sheet 1
  • Apollo II Specification Sheet 2
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