30 / 4 / 2012

OceanView Night Vision cameras installed on unmanned Zyvex Boats

Denmead UK 30th April 2012 The OceanView Zeus Night-Vision Camera has been selected for use by Zyvex Marine in its product portfolio of manned and unmanned nano-composite vessels. Using the Zeus’s remote IP capability to control the camera, video is fed back from the unmanned vessel to the command and control centre where the information is used to help provide the navigational and situational awareness data needed to guide the vessel on its task.
The Zeus has a tri-camera configuration using a thermal imager, an ultra-low light and a colour daylight camera. Having 2-axis, fibre-optic stabilization, the Zeus also includes object tracking, enabling it to lock on another vessel, a man overboard, aircraft, debris or a buoy and keep that object in the centre of the picture. A 640 × 480 HD option is also available for the Zeus camera. The Zeus is OceanView’s flagship product and is sold to megayachts, expedition yachts and sportfish vessels all over the world.
Zyvex Marine, a division of Zyvex Technologies, is building the next generation of vessel platforms. Zyvex is the premier provider of nano-composite vessels in both manned and unmanned configurations. Zyvex developed the first nano-composite vessel, a 54’ unmanned surface vessel prototype, setting new standards for an unmanned vessel in the areas of range, speed, sea keeping and payload.

About Eurotask:
Based in the UK, Eurotask is OceanView’s EMEA distributor and focuses on security and navigation systems for the premium and SuperYacht market providing both pre and post sales technical support through a network of specialist electronics integrators and installers located throughout Europe and the Middle East.
About OceanView:
Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida USA, OceanView Technologies designs and manufactures a broad line of Marine Night-Vision Cameras for markets ranging from sportfish, to superyachts, commercial vessels, police and fire boats and the rigorous requirements of the military. OceanView offer a solution for every need.

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For further information on Eurotask and their products, please contact Mark Luffingham on or via e-mail or visit eurotaskltd.com
For further information on OceanView and their products, please contact OceanView Technologies, ; Fax: . or visit www.nightboating.com

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